ALL tennis programs require a 3 week notice of cancellation.  Refunds will not be processed without the 3 week (21 day) notice.  However, a credit will be kept for a period up to a 1 year from the date of purchase to use on future programs.

There are no refunds for weather related cancellations.  Makeup days will be offered to catchup on any lost time due to weather.  If the student is not available for the scheduled makeup day, they will be allowed to attend a program offered a different day of the week based on availability.


Refunds that are requested in the 21 day window are typically processed in 3 working days but may take up to 30 days to process.


Tennis has been classified "level 1" (lowest risk) on the safety scale provided by USTA/USPTA and other health commissions.  Because we are outside, spread-out and have every safety measure in place we are among the safest activities to participate in.

Masks are optional for players.  Being that we are outside and spread out the risk level remains very low.  Please note that players that choose to wear masks should pace themselves and monitor breathing during physical activity in high heat.  Players that choose to wear masks are encourage to take more breaks to "catch their breath."

Players must sanitize hands after every ball pickup.  Sanitizer will be provided for you.


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